Global Green Energy Industry Digital Financial Platform -- GreenGold Aiming to Accelerate Green Energy Digitalization


Madrid, 6 December 2019 – The Global Green Energy Industry Council (GGEIC) officially launched the initiative of a global green energy industry digital financial platform - GreenGold during the 25th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25), aiming to accelerate the digitalization of green energy.


GreenGold is initiated by the international green energy organizations such as Global Green Energy Industry Council (GGEIC), research institutions such as Tsinghua x-lab Digital Rights Economy Laboratory, international tech-fin institutions such as International Digital Rights Economic Cooperation Alliance (IDREC) in Hong Kong, leading green energy enterprises such as GCL, Trina Solar, SUNMAN, Canadian Solar Inc., PowerChina Guizhou Engineering Co., Ltd., etc. Based on block chain technologies, GreenGold aims to build a global digital financial platform for green energy industry, and promote energy digital financial investment and digital asset transaction.


Dr. Shawn Qu

Chairman & CEO of Canadian Solar Inc.

Mr. Jifan Gao

Chairman of China Photovoltaic Industry Association

Chairman of Trina Solar Co., Ltd.

Mr. Gongshan Zhu

Chairman of Global Green Energy Industry Council(GGEIC)

Chairman of Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA);

Chairman of GCL Group

Dr. Zhengrong Shi

Fellow of ATSE, Australia; Chairman of SUNMAN

Mr. Wei Guo

Chairman of PowerChina Guizhou Engineering Co., Ltd.



On behalf of Mr. Gongshan Zhu, Chairman of the Global Green Energy Council (GGEIC), and Ms. Angela Grassi, Secretary General of GGEIC, Ms. Yue Mi attended COP25, together with Mr. Eric Luo, Executive Deputy Secretary-General of GGEIC. At the meeting, Mr. Eric Luo introduced in detail the mission, vision and plans of the platform, GreenGold. He said, “Blockchain technology, as a cutting-edge innovation technology in the digital era, has begun to lead a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, greatly promoting the overall development of digitalization. The value of blockchain technology, whose underlying technology develops continuously, lies in the integration and development of the processes related to energy trading and the digitalization in the energy field, which can store data safely and efficiently, realize the effective sharing of data, and accelerate the development of green energy. ”

The launch of GreenGold initiative have received a wide range of congratulations from many representatives of international organizations and industry, including Dr. Ming Xu, Deputy Director of Cooperation Division of Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO); Ms. Rana Adib, Executive Secretary of Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21); Dr. Louis Crespo, President of the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association, President of the Spanish Solar Thermal Electricity Association (Protermo Solar); Ms. Alisa Wang, CEO of New Energy Foundation Ltd.; Ms. Zhe Liu, General Manager of Beijing Green Plus Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Goldwind Technology Group. Meanwhile, they also expressed interests to see more opportunities in the future to cooperate with the Global Green Energy Industry Council (GGEICE) and the GreenGold platform.


The development of green energy is an important measure to cope with climate change, which is inseparable from the global green energy system. We sincerely hope that, together with industry peers around the world who are advocating the concept of green development, we can make our due contribution to the green and sustainable energy development worldwide, and the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the United Nations’ action plan for the 21st century.


Global Green Energy Industry Council (GGEIC)


Global Green Energy Industry Council (GGEIC) is initiated and co-founded by the international or regional organizations: European Biomass Industry Association (EUBIA), New Energy Industry Association Asia Pacific (NEIAAP), Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA), etc. Supporting organizations include Solar Impulse Foundation (SIF), Global Solar Council (GSC), Global Energy Storage Alliance (GESA), International Institute for Energy Policy Innovation (IIEPI), and national solar or renewable associations from Spain, France, Italy, China, India, South Korea, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc.