Int’l Energy Storage and Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference

This SNEC 2019 International Energy Storage and Hydrogen Energy & Fuel Cell Engineering Technology Conference (hereinafter referred to as "The Conference") takes Shanghai as the source to drive the development of the Great Yangtze River Delta, therefore to enhance the cooperation and communications among China and even the world in energy storage, hydrogen energy, hydrogen technology and hydrogen economy areas.


Energy Internet Technologies and Application Summit

In this new era of energy transformation, a new generation of energy systems is in the process of bringing about a world-class energy Internet infrastructure. The exceedingly fast-growing photovoltaic industry is bringing on the deeply-integrated technical upgrading and innovation of energy and information communication systems. In this conference we will better understand relevant technical docking standards and will witness sample demonstration projects. The summit invites academicians, scholars, experts, engineers and entrepreneurs to discuss the issues related to the development and application of energy Internet and smart energy technologies.


Global Green Energy & PV Financial Summit

– Finance Professionals and PV Industry Leaders (CFO) Dialogue

Faced with the new business models of the renewable energy industry in 2019, the 8th Global Green Energy and PV Financial Summit will focus on high-quality energy development. Based on photovoltaic power generation, this summit will combine energy storage, smart power distribution, smart energy use, digital energy, etc., to build the new energy structure, increase market scale, and drive broader developments. The conference will also discuss how new financing channels can provide a strong driving force for sustainable development of the renewable energy industry such as the photovoltaic industry, revitalize the photovoltaic industry and open up new development trends.


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